The Digital Garden

'Nature / Natural'

Academic Work 2018

Partner: Junru Xu

Critic: Phu Hoang Rachely Rotem (MODU)

People have the tendency to present reality in social media in a brighter color than it is.  There seems to have a gap between digital technology and the physical world.


This project takes a positive position to digital technology, and uses it as an enhancer of the physical world; to connect the physical and digital world. We propose to add a sixth sense to the other five senses. Besides touch, hearing, smell, sight, and taste, the digital sense is integrated into all five senses, to enhance the five senses through digital mean.


We think that the mesh allows people to observe, to ‘reuse’ the senses, emphasize the process/experience. Thus, we insert the digital sense in the mesh system. Through variations of mesh with different textures, sizes, colors that correspond to thermal or ecological boundaries, we explore the possibilities that mesh can create.

The project will link these worlds and offer experiences of six senses to raise people’s awareness, that there are many pixel moments are not easy to be noticed..