'Cat & Human'
Practice Work 2018 (built)
Team: Jianan, Yan
Client: Hana
Publish: gooood

The client of this project is Ms.Hana and her cat, the biggest challenge is how to connect human life with a cat’s life. 

Cats love jumping, climbing and sleeping, so according the cat’s behavior, base on our experience about adopting a cat, we also took a whole day observation to HANA’s cat, and summarized the different behaviors in different time, then try to create a “cat public space”in house, like cat tree, cat flap, aerial plank road and other installations. In order to increase the interaction between humans and cats, for example, we created an open bathing experience space, also left a hole in the restroom’s door for the cat to access. We also enhanced the visual connection between cat and HANA. For instance, we left the furniture such as the shelf, closet open to the air through materiality and vision.