'Co-working & Co-living'
Academic Work 2014​
Critic: Jiang Zhu

This project is an idea incubator, it is analogous to an integrated living and working quarter, it will provide the tools and opportunity for designers to remove the boundary between theory and practice. The site is located on the southwestern side of Yuquan Campus (Part of Zhejiang University) in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. In a traditional way, the teaching area and living area are always divided into different blocks of the campus, also lacks spaces for those new designers, like the graduates. The aim of the project is to make connections with the main conductions of the campus, as well as to make an innovation. The new project will not just be a center for creation; it will be a living quarter for people and the community to engage through architecture.  The 'incubator' mainly contains 3 kinds of  "unit"---Modeling and Lecturing Unit, Designing and Living Unit, Reading and cafe Unit.