Private Life of Object

The Jewelry Box

'Invisible Relationship'

Academic Work 2019​

Critic: Laurel Broughton (Welcome Projects)

Until recently it could be said without much hesitation that the objects in our everyday lives were controlled by the people who use them. Information or stories was stored or registered on the surface of objects through the physical traces of how we used them and through the visible relationships created between the various objects we collected. The object in material culture terms was both a tool and an artifact in a narrative written by individual people. In the space which lacks human curation—a method by which we construct narratives—presents the perception of randomness.  

hy2532_24x36_lightweight_BRO_print this_

When extrapolated to the domestic, the 'smart' object coupled with algorithmic selection can’t help but soon transform the home radically as well. The design questioned that what if the person no longer the central protagonist in the story of architecture?

j box_edited.jpg

Beds can become anything, buildings can become people, and people can suddenly merge and become objects.

(Madelon Vriesendorp)

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