'Here & After''
Academic Work 2018
Partner: Shengqi Wang
Critic: Karla Rothstein 

From tiny plots to wide-open "universal cemeteries" and modern "memorial parks to the Community", the evolving design of cities of the dead.

Our project rethinks burial culture, considering what a universal memorial for all could be. The project evokes universal emotions through primitive forms and off-scaled experiences, targeting the commonalities among all human beings where we grieve for our losses, fear for the unknown, and desire to understand. 

In order to turn the cemetery into a universal cemetery, the existing mausoleums will be reused into the main materials to build the underground memorial spaces, the names will be removed; obelisks, sculptures, tombstones, crosses will be reassembled into different immersive exhibition spaces.​

The project contains stone carvings from previews mausoleums and tombstones, rearranged and displayed art. New angles and perspectives on these old forms of art are introduced, paralleling and provoking new perspectives to funerary rituals. Interior spaces are tranquil and contemplative. The passage eventually brings visitors above ground into a new landscape freed from graves and returned to the city un-programmed.
Eventually, revealed as an incremental and fragmented journey, macro to detailed / bright to dim, old to new… with understanding unwrapping depending on point of view and access.